Transform existing NFT into a gift card

Transform NFTs into spendable gift cards

The Atomicrails factory is an easy solution to add a balance and other gift card properties to any previously issued NFTs.

Reboost previous NFT campaigns: Add marketing incentives and utilities to your previous NFT Campaigns.

New comarketing & partnership opportunities: No limits in developing the most creative partnerships and comarketing campaigns leveraging successful NFT projects of 3° party creators and issuers.

Add value to token gating services: Add new functions to your NFT Token gating service to increase utility and value for your customer

How the NFT into gift card factory works

Existing and to-be-minted NFTs can be used in the Atomicrails protocol. The Atomicrails smart contract makes it possible to add gift card properties and functionality to an NFT. Merchants, resellers, and users can use the gift card functionality by directly or indirectly interacting with the blockchain.

ERC721 Token
Available via backend GUI. No coding required
(EVM) Multi / cross chain compatible

ERC721 token

Available via backend GUI. No coding required
(EVM) Multi / cross chain compatible
Permission control

A simple interface where to transform any NFT into a gift card. No coding required.


Create merchant

By initiating a new merchant wallet address on the Atomicrails protocol, the NFT gift card factory is created.


Define properties

Based on an existing NFT or a new one, the gift card campaign properties such as balance and expiry date can be set.


Allow spender

Define the parties that will be able to make use of the gift card balance on behalf of the end user.


Mint NFT

A user wallet address can be defined to send the newly created NFT gift cards to the end user.


Redeem gift card

By clicking on “apply/redeem” on the checkout page, the end user will be able make use of his gift card

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